Rob McElhenney donates £6,000 to Wrexham AFC fan with cerebral palsy

McElhenney recently announced his takeover of the club with Ryan Reynolds

Rob McElhenney has donated £6,000 to a Wrexham AFC fan with cerebral palsy to help him adapt his home to help with his disability.

The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia actor confirmed his takeover of the Welsh football club alongside Ryan Reynolds last week.

Wrexham fan Aiden Stott had launched a donation page to help raise money for a new bathroom, which they estimated to cost £6,000.


On Wednesday (November 18), the Stott family woke up to find McElhenney had donated the entire amount.

Stott told the BBC “couldn’t believe it” after the donation came in, adding: “It means the world to me, it really does.”

His sister Cheryl added: “I had been deliberating whether to [create the donation page] or not, because there are so many people in worse positions than us, it’s not like Aiden is starving, he’s got a roof over his head,” his sister Cheryl said.

Speaking of when she discovered the actor’s donation, she added: “It was there, his name, no message, obviously I wrote a message to him and told him he made my mum cry, but we haven’t heard anything from him.”

“That a Hollywood movie star looked at a picture of my brother and read his little story and what he’s going through, it’s just incredible.


“It’s amazing that he bought the club in the first place, which we are all really excited about, but to do that as well, it just shows his true character and meaning.”

The Wrexham Supporters Trust Board formally voted to approve McElhenney and Reynolds’ takeover last week, with an overwhelming 98.6% of members approving it – only 26 of the 2,000 members voted against, while nine abstained.

“To the Wrexham Supporters Trust, thank you for your faith and trust in us,” McElhenney said in the clip, with Reynolds adding: “We’re humbled, and we’re already getting to work… holy shit, this is really happening”.

In their original bid, the pair stressed that they would protect the heritage of the club, as well as reinforcing Wrexham as a “leading force for community good in the town” and retaining and enhancing the club’s reputation as “inclusive and forward-thinking”.

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