David Mitchell and Robert Webb reveal a potential return for ‘Peep Show’

We haven't seen the last of Mark and Jez...

Peep Show stars Robert Webb and David Mitchell have revealed that the cult sitcom could return in 10 years time to catch up with Jez and Mark at a later stage in their lives.

The comedy duo have reunited with Peep Show writer Simon Blackwell for new sitcom Back, which sees Mitchell star as Stephen, who is forced to take over his father’s pub when he dies.

But there’s a similar dynamic to Peep Show, with Webb playing Andrew, a former foster child of Stephen’s parents that he’s constantly at loggerheads with.


And as they caught up with NME to discuss the new Channel 4 show, the pair also discussed the possibility of revisiting Peep Show in future.

When it ended, Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong and Rob (Webb) and I agreed that we would be up for doing a return to those characters in 10 or more years time”, Mitchell said.

“I think it would be a different show. I think we would give it a different name but I’d certainly love to work with Sam and Jesse again and I think they would be interested to write those characters again but basically at the other end of their lives when they’re 50 odd or even older.”

Webb, meanwhile, is up for the prospect of revisiting Jez and Mark as pensioners.

“In its perfect form, it is over. I know that all four of us have said that we’re keeping the door on the latch for a return when Mark and Jeremy are much older and I mean seriously older otherwise it’s just a tired reboot”, he said.


Back is set to debut on Channel 4 tomorrow night at 10PM.


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