Japan have made a real-life version of that murderous robot dog in ‘Black Mirror’

God help us all

A Japanese robotics company appear to have invented a real-life version of the murderous robot dog from Black Mirror.

The ‘Super Monster Wolf’ is a 65cm-long, 50cm tall robot dog, designed to keep wild boar away from rice and chestnut crops. And it’s terrifying.

What’s more, the autonomous robot dogs bare some resemblance to the ones in Black Mirror‘s season four episode, ‘Metalhead’.

“What could possibly go wrong?” wrote one Twitter user, stating, “They even named it ‘Super Monster Wolf’. They are literally just asking for a kaiju movie at this point”.

The new comes just weeks after another season four prophecy came true, which prompted Black Mirror themselves to respond, “We know how this goes.”

The third episode of the new season, titled ‘Crocodile’, features a driverless pizza delivery van in its central narrative, the invention of which starts off a chain of events that eventually leads to several deaths.

Now, just weeks after the episode’s release, Pizza Hut has announced that it is partnering with Toyota to launch its own driverless delivery vehicles. According to reports, the company hopes to introduce the technology by 2020.

Shortly after, the relationship button from Black Mirror’s ‘Hang The DJ’ episode then became available to try online.

The conceit of the episode from season four of Charlie Brooker’s not-so-distant dystopian show is that dating systems has progressed to a stage where a mysterious button will tell you how long you and your assigned partner will stay together.