Rose Leslie once forced Kit Harington to wear a Jon Snow costume to a Halloween party

You know nothing...

Kit Harington has revealed how fiancé Rose Leslie once forced him to dress up as Jon Snow as they attended a Halloween party together.

Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t initially too taken about the prospect of dressing up as his own character, but she jokingly admitted that their relationship would be in jeopardy if he didn’t wear the outfit.

“She pulled out a Jon Snow costume, and Rose just whispered in my ear, ‘I won’t love you if you don’t wear it… You should do it.’”, Harington told Heat Magazine.


It wasn’t a costume straight from the set of the HBO show either, with Leslie acquiring the amateur get-up from a fancy dress shop.

“It was really embarrassing. The people bringing around canapes were looking at me, thinking, ‘You’re sad man! You’ve come to a party dressed as your character'”, he joked.

Kit, who is gearing up to star in new BBC drama Gunpowder, also recently admitted that he is looking forward to moving on once filming wraps on the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones.

Speaking to Digital Spy recently about the show’s impending conclusion, Harington admitted that he was “feeling emotional” but that the end was coming “at the right time”.

“Game of Thrones is coming to a very quick end, which I’m feeling emotional about,” he said. “Thrones is coming to the end at the right time for me, and everyone involved in it.”