Rowan Atkinson victim of Facebook death hoax

Trolls trick fans into thinking that actor had committed suicide

Actor Rowan Atkinson was the victim of a Facebook death hoax over the weekend.

A viral post claimed that the star of Mr Bean and Blackadder had committed suicide after “battling severe depression” and following a “struggle with alcohol and drugs”. However, this has been confirmed to be a hoax.

The Sun reports that Atkinson is “alive and well”.

The actor has not yet addressed the hoax publicly.

The hoax dates back to 2013, thus citing Atkinson’s age as 58 rather than his actual age of 61. A photo circulating Facebook also cited the actor’s birth year as 1995, which would have made him 21.

Atkinson was the subject of a previous death hoax in 2012 too, with a Twitter rumour claiming that he had died in a car accident.