Russell Brand cancels tour after mother sustains “numerous life-threatening injuries”

Brand reveals his mother has suffered "polytraumatic injuries"

Russell Brand has cancelled the rest of his ‘ReBirth’ tour after his mother sustained “numerous life-threatening injuries” in a car crash.

The comedian postponed shows in Aberdeen and Dartford last week amid reports that his mother was injured in a hit-and-run crash.

Initial reports suggested that his mother’s condition was not life-threatening, but now Brand has shared a video clip on Twitter in which he announces his tour’s cancellation and states that his mother has suffered “polytraumatic injuries”.


“My mum’s been in a really serious road accident and has sustained what are called polytraumatic injuries, that means numerous life-threatening injuries, so I won’t be able to do the rest of my ‘ReBirth’ tour,” Brand says in the clip.

“If you’ve got tickets they’ll be refunded or possibly rescheduled but I can’t really imagine that, and I certainly can’t really imagine performing at the moment, because I feel too sad and connected to this.”

“I apologise, but obviously it’s circumstances beyond my control,” he continues, adding: “I’m sad for my mum, because she’s vulnerable, she only finished chemotherapy a month ago, and for her to be in this situation already is very difficult.”

Brand goes on to praise the NHS and asks fans to keep his mother Barbara in their “thoughts and hearts.”

“We should be really grateful for the NHS. I think of it as the soul of this country, where people are benevolent and kind and do something valuable for a living,” he says.



The Sun previously reported that Brand’s 71 year-old mother, Barbara, was taken to hospital following a hit-and-run car crash in Essex.

Brand’s chauffeur-driven limo is thought to have crashed with a Vauxhall Astra, with the driver of the latter vehicle fleeing the scene.

Brand is said to have rushed to be by his mother’s side at the hospital.