Russell Howard’s Glasgow show interrupted by fight in crowd

Incident took place at the SSE Hydro on Tuesday night

Russell Howard’s comedy gig in Glasgow last night (March 21) was reportedly interrupted by two audience members fighting.

The comedian took his Round the World Tour to the Scottish city’s SSE Hydro, with first-hand accounts from the show claiming that a “brawl” broke out in crowd during Howard’s act.

According to one fan, Howard was “standing confused as fuck on stage” as the fight ensued.

Howard hasn’t addressed the incident directly but has taken to Twitter to write: “Cheers to everyone who came to the SSE Hyrdo last night. Glasgow you didn’t disappoint”. He ended his tweet with a fist emoji, which fans have suggested is a reference to the brawl.

Fans have since debated the reason behind the dispute. One attendee claims to have seen one audience member spill a drink over another, while another tweeted that “apparently the fight last night was over a burger”.

Meanwhile, Howard recently spoke to NME about the current state of politics, saying that it’s “only right-wing fuck-knuckles that grab the public’s attention”.

Speaking of the inspiration behind his current stand-up tour, Howard told NME: “It’s mostly politics and anger at the moment. I don’t think we’ve ever been more divided. It’s only right-wing fuck-knuckles that grab the public’s attention – Farage or Trump or Le Pen or Wilders from Holland. You think: ‘Where are our Gandhis? Where are our Martin Luther Kings?’”

He continued: “I think all our leaders are utterly beneath us. You just watch Prime Minister’s Questions and go: ‘How is this the best that we’ve got?’”

He also said that he was once approached by some political parties for advice on talking to young people.

“They interrupted when I was watching ‘The Secret Lives of Pets’,” Howard told NME. “Like, I am not the go-to person to fix this country. You know you’re in real trouble when you’re thinking: ‘OK, ask that bloke of the telly, see what he can thinks.’ Where does that fucking end up – door-stepping Joey Essex? Like, ‘Alright, he wants inflatables. Can we get some?’”