Russia wanted to edit out gay character from broadcasts of ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’

Brendan O'Carroll says he turned down a lucrative licensing deal over the issue

Mrs Brown’s Boys creator and star Brendan O’Carroll has said that he turned down a lucrative licensing deal in Russia because the country’s censors wanted to remove a gay character from the show.

The character in question is Mrs Brown’s son Rory, originally played by Rory Cowan until earlier this year when the actor quit the show. The character will now be portrayed by Brendan’s own real life son Eric O’Carroll for the upcoming Christmas specials and beyond.

O’Carroll recently told The Sun: “[Russia] is a big country so the fee you’d charge for the licensing is audience-related, so it’s a big audience and it would have been a nice fee.”

“But [they said] ‘no gay, absolutely no gay’,” he added. “So I said ‘no gay, no show’. And that was it.”



O’Carroll also revealed that other countries have tried to edit out Rory in the past, saying: “Romania threatened [to cut Rory out], but then went ahead with it. What they’ve done [instead] is, the Rory character is the Rory character and he’s still gay, but they never mention that he’s gay. But it’s still Rory.”

In November, O’Carroll has hit back at claims of tax avoidance levelled at his daughter and other members of the show’s cast.