This is that brilliant song you keep hearing in Netflix’s ‘Russian Doll’

"We used to carry on and drink and do the rock n' roll..."

Harry Nilsson‘s classic ‘Gotta Get Up’ has seen an increase in streams and searches due to its appearance in Netflix‘s acclaimed new show ‘Russian Doll‘. Check out the song below.

Taken from the iconic 1971 album ‘Nilsson Schmilsson’, the song soundtracks the repeated moments that Natasha Lyonne’s character Nadia dies and is resurrected.

We used to carry on and drink and do the rock ‘n’ roll,” Nilsson sings. “We never thought we’d get older / We never thought it’d grow cold.”


“There was always a kind of ending that was unpleasant that was percolating under the surface of his songs, even at their most upbeat and certainly at their darkest,” actor and writer Lyonne told the New York Times of Nilsson’s work, adding that she wanted to “touch something that was out of time, and a New York and East Village that was out of time”.

In our four-star review of the series, NME concluded: “With a killer soundtrack that includes the likes of Ariel Pink, Weyes Blood and Harry Nilsson and a fiery guest appearance from Chloë Sevigny as Nadia’s mother, Russian Doll could quickly be passed off as a hipster take on the 1993 movie, but it’s much more than a rehash of a well-known premise. It’s courageous approach to millennial mid-life crises tackles real issues at the centre of many of our collective anxieties. ”

“Instead of shying away from the agony of being alone, it tears down the barriers we create for ourselves and dares to asks those big, universal existential questions with quick-witted comedy and a whole lot of heart.”

Check out a playlist of music from Russian Doll below: