Ryan Murphy asks fans to choose theme for ‘American Horror Story’ expansion

"The universe is expanding..."

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has asked fans to choose a theme for the show’s expansion.

In a Twitter poll launched last week, Murphy has given fans the option to vote for ideas the show could explore in future, while remaining vague about the extent to which they will be used.

“X-Mas Horror” and “Piggy Man” were removed as options, with the final four being presented yesterday (April 7).


It is now between Aliens, Bloody Mary, Sirens and Plague. Fans can vote for one of the four finalists by using one of the hashtags: #AHSALIENS, #AHSBLOODYMARY, #AHSSIRENS and #AHSPLAGUE.

“It’s down to FOUR stories. Let me know which ONE is your favorite by using a hashtag from the below list,” Murphy tweeted.

He added: “The #AMERICANHORRORSTORY universe is expanding…”

Meanwhile, a first look at Macaulay Culkin’s “insane” character in American Horror Story was shared last month.

Ryan Murphy shared a photo of Culkin alongside co-star Leslie Grossman on Instagram, with the caption: “Something wicked this way comes. American Horror Story Season Ten.”


The showrunner had previously explained he was attracted to “the older, more recent stuff that [Culkin] did.”

Culkin’s part will reportedly see the actor have “crazy, erotic sex” with Kathy Bates, to which he had said upon being cast “This sounds like the role I was born to play.”

The release date for American Horror Story season 10 is yet to be confirmed. The new episodes will also star Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross and Finn Wittrock.