Ryan Reynolds says Blake Lively had “not good” reaction to Wrexham AFC purchase

“We’re still working through that one”

Ryan Reynolds has said his wife Blake Lively had a “not good” reaction when he told her he’d bought half of Wrexham AFC.

The actor acquired the Welsh football club in 2020 with It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia creator Rob McElhenney, with their takeover documented in upcoming series Welcome To Wrexham.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday (August 9) opposite guest host McElhenney, Reynolds revealed that Lively wasn’t impressed by the purchase.


“I remember after you reached out with this absolutely insane idea and I remember seeing Blake, saying, ‘I have bad news and I have really bad news. The bad news is I slipped into someone’s DMs again. The really bad news is that I might have bought half of a fifth-tier national football league in Wales,’” Reynolds said.

Asked about Lively’s reaction, he replied: “Not good, Rob. Not great. We’re still working through that one.”

The pair became friends after Reynolds reached out in a private message to praise McElhenney for a scene from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. After numerous phone calls with each other, they bought Wrexham AFC before they met in real life.

The first time they meet is documented in Welcome To Wrexham, which will track “Rob and Ryan’s crash course in football club ownership and the inextricably connected fates of a team and a town counting on two actors to bring some serious hope and change to a community that could use it”.

Welcome To Wrexham is scheduled to premiere on FX in the US and Disney+ in the UK on August 26.