Ryan Seacrest responds to sexual harassment allegations

The presenter and radio host has been publicly accused of harassment by his former stylist, Suzie Hardy

Ryan Seacrest has denied allegations of sexual harassment after his accuser went public with her claims.

After initially keeping her accusations private, Suzi Hardy publicly voiced her claim on Monday (February 26) that Seacrest, who presents American Idol and a host of other shows, harassed her for six years from 2007 to 2013 while the pair worked together for E! News.

Seacrest first denied the claims back in November, and was recently cleared after E! held an internal investigation into Hardy’s allegations and found “insufficient evidence to support the claims.”

Those allegations have now been laid bare in a new Variety article, with Hardy telling the publication: “As proud as I am and as strong as a woman as I am, as smart as I am and as much work as I’ve done with therapists, it really affected me.”

After telling E!’s HR department about the alleged abuse in 2013, Hardy claims that her employment with the broadcaster was terminated two weeks later.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

Seacrest – who said that he “unequivocally” supports the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements and “applaud[s] all the brave souls who have come forward to share their stories” – has now issued a denial of the accusations in a statement, which you can see below [via The Hollywood Reporter].

“Yesterday, Variety published a salacious story that revealed the specific claims against me for the first time — even though an independent third-party investigator found insufficient evidence to support the claims. Much to my dismay, Variety didn’t speak with me or bother to speak with other credible witnesses or even ask for any of the evidence that was obtained during the investigation when offered, all of which clearly challenged the veracity of the claims made against me.

“This person who has accused me of horrible things offered, on multiple occasions, to withdraw her claims if I paid her millions of dollars. I refused. I have worked extremely hard to achieve my success and I don’t take my opportunities for granted. I don’t want to accuse anyone of not telling the truth but in this case, I have no choice but to again deny the claims against me, remind people that I was recused of any wrongdoing, and put the matter to rest.”

Responding to Seacrest’s statement, Variety‘s co-editor-in-chief Claudia Eller tweeted that the publication had spent an “hour on the phone” with Seacrest’s lawyer and publicist before publishing the piece – but claimed the pair had “declined to make [Seacrest] available”.

“Seacrest’s representatives claimed to have evidence discrediting the accuser, Suzie Hardy, but refused to provide that as well, citing legal restrictions,” Eller added.