Sacha Baron Cohen reacts to Roy Moore losing ‘Who Is America?’ lawsuit

"Sorry, Roy. Nice try"

Sacha Baron Cohen has reacted to Roy Moore losing the lawsuit he filed against the actor after appearing on Who Is America?.

The former Alabama Chief Justice sued Baron Cohen for defamation after the show, in which he was interviewed under the guise of being honoured for his support of Israel, aired in 2018.

Who Is America? saw Baron Cohen play an Israeli anti-terrorism expert who, during Moore’s interview, claimed he had access to technology that would show whether Moore was a paedophile.


While serving in the US Senate, Moore had been accused of sexual misconduct against underage girls. He denied the allegations. He also tried to sue Baron Cohen, Showtime and CBS for $95million (£69m), but the suit was thrown out by federal court earlier this week.

Responding on Twitter, Baron Cohen wrote: “Sorry, Roy. Nice try. And this is now part of the legal record: ‘Several published articles accused Judge Moore of inappropriate sexual encounters with young females, including one who was underage’.”

He also included a link to a clip of the interview with Moore, adding: “Seems like a good day to enjoy this again.”

Meanwhile, Baron Cohen called on social media bosses to help end racist attacks on England’s football players after the team lost the Euro 2020 final last weekend (July 11). “Facebook and Twitter are spreading racist attacks on these Black athletes,” he wrote on Twitter, directing the tweet to Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.


“Online racism leads to real-world hate crimes. It’s time to rid racism from your platforms once and for all!”