‘Scrubs’ cast share support for actor Sam Lloyd following cancer diagnosis

Lloyd played lawyer Ted Buckland on the medical comedy-drama

Support has poured in for the former Scrubs actor Sam Lloyd after he was diagnosed with cancer last month following the discovery of a brain tumour.

Lloyd played lawyer Ted Buckland on the much-loved medical comedy-drama, which ran for nine seasons from 2001 to 2010. Lloyd’s A capella band The Blanks also made numerous appearances on the show under the name The Worthless Peons.

The actor was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in January. According to a GoFundMe page set up in his honour, the 55-year-old underwent brain surgery on a tumour a few weeks ago.

“Unfortunately the tumour was too intertwined so the surgeons couldn’t remove it,” a description by the page’s authors The Hoberts states. “By Sunday, Sam and [his wife] Vanessa were informed that the cancer in his brain had metastasised from his lungs. Further scans showed the cancer was also in his liver, spine, and jaw.

“In the face of this devastating news, Sam and Vanessa have been incredibly strong and positive,” the description continues. “Humour and laughter, which have been a huge part of Sam’s life, will undoubtedly help him with what lies ahead.

“Sam is, simply put, a sweet, kind, and generous soul. Through his music and acting, and most of all his friendship, he has blessed all of our lives immeasurably. Throughout his wonderful life, including his more than 30 years in Los Angeles, Sam has perfected the fine art of friendship. So many of those friends have reached out, wanting to know how they can help support him and his family during this difficult time.”

The GoFundMe is aiming to raise funds to help care for Lloyd and his family’s medical and childcare bills (Lloyd and his wife recently welcomed their first son).

“We are asking for your help so our dear Sammy can use the time ahead to GET HEALTHY, spend time with his wife, his new son, and his wonderful friends – and to borrow the title of the new song Sam wrote for his show… ‘Make Music Along The Way.'”

Following the news, Lloyd’s former castmates from Scrubs, including Zach Braff and Kate Micucci, and the show’s creator Bill Lawrence were among those to lend their support to his cause.