Sarah Paulson talks “nerve wracking” and “intimidating” ‘American Horror Story’ return

"The consideration around all of it has been extraordinary"

Sarah Paulson has said the prospect of her season 10 return to American Horror Story is “intimidating” and “nerve-wracking”.

Discussing the measures put in place during the shoot for the anthology series, Paulson explained the level of preparation required during the ongoing pandemic.

“In terms of protocols, you can’t even imagine the emails I get and the documents I get,” the actress told TheWrap. “And the consideration around all of it has been extraordinary.”


“Disney and Ryan Murphy Television have all been very, very on top of it. And so I feel as protected as I can feel, given that I will be mask-free, working on a set around a bunch of people. So it’s definitely intimidating and nerve wracking.

“But I’ve been told by people who have done it, that the lead up to it – because we’ve all been our houses for months and months and all of a sudden what was normal, to spend hours and hours on set with over a hundred people, now seems so far away and so impossible to imagine that the thought of doing it feels really scary.”

She added: “But apparently, once you’re there and see all the protocols that have been taken, people tend to feel more relaxed than they expected to. So here’s hoping.”

Sarah Paulson will also be starring in Ryan Murphy’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest prequel seriesRatched, in which she plays the eponymous Nurse Ratched.

The series will premiere on Netflix on September 18.