Sarah Silverman is already apologising for her comments about Louis CK masturbating in front of her

She told Howard Stern that she allowed CK to masturbate in front of her

Sarah Silverman has apologised for her comments regarding Louis CK, after revealing that early on in their careers, she allowed CK to masturbate in front of her.

An article published by the New York Times reported claims from five women – all of whom have worked with the comedian in some capacity – about alleged inappropriate behaviour by CK. The claims included CK allegedly masturbating in front of female comedians. He then responded, confirming to fans that “the stories were true”.

At the time of the accusations, Silverman said that the “calling-out of sexual assault” has been “a long time coming”, adding: “It sucks and some of our heroes will be taken down, and we will discover bad things about people we like, or in some cases, people we love. Let’s just say that I’m talking about Louis.”

“One of my best friends of over 25 years, Louis CK, masturbated in front of women. He wielded his power with women in fucked up ways, sometimes to the point where they left comedy entirely,” she continued. “I could couch this with heartwarming stories of our friendship and what a great dad he is, but that’s totally irrelevant, isn’t it? Yes, it is. It’s a real mind fuck, you know, because I love Louis. But Louis did these things. Both of those statements are true. So I just keep asking myself, ‘Can you love someone who did bad things? Can you still love them?’”

Louis CK

In a new interview with Howard Stern, Silverman said that CK used to masturbate in front of her, with her consent. “Listen, I don’t know if I’m going to regret saying this, but I’ve known Louis forever. I’m not making excuses for him — please don’t take this that way,” she said. “But, you know, we are peers, we are equals. When we were kids, and he used to ask if he could masturbate in front of me, sometimes I’d go, ‘Fuck yeah I want to see that!’”

However, Silverman was keen to stress that she wasn’t saying what he did was okay. “I’m just saying at a certain point, when he became influential — not even famous — but influential in the world of comedy, it changes,” she said.

“And he realised that. He realised it later — but certainly before that New York Times — and even in that New York Times article, they talk about how he went on and tried to connect with some of these women to say “I fucked up and wronged you and want to make this right.”

She added that she believes CK “has remorse.” “I believe he can come back, I just want him to talk about it onstage,” she continued. “But comics don’t like to be told what to do, so he’s just gonna have to find his way or not find his way and people are gonna watch him or not watch him.”

One of CK’s accusers, Rebecca Corry, responded to Silverman’s comments on Twitter. “To be real clear, CK had ‘nothing to offer me’ as I too was his equal on the set the day he decided to sexually harass me,” she wrote. “He took away a day I worked years for and still has no remorse. He’s a predator who victimised women for decades and lied about it.” Silverman has now responded with an apology.

CK returned to the stage for a divisive surprise performance in August, before continuing his run earlier this month.