Sebastian Bach to reprise his role in ‘Gilmore Girls’s fictional band Hep Alien

The former Skid Row singer is latest actor to return to the show

Sebastian Bach will appear in the upcoming revival of Gilmore Girls.

The former Skid Row singer and actor played the character Gil in the show and was a member of Lane Kim’s band Hep Alien.

The cult US TV show will return for four 90-minute episodes on streaming service Netflix, with the show’s creator Amy Sherman-Palladino previously stating that casting is still being finalised.

Bach told Ultimate Classic Rock earlier in the year: “Honestly, the way I look at [my appearances on] television is to promote my music. I know that’s silly, but, to me, the albums last forever, more than any TV show. MTV doesn’t play rock videos, but if I’m on ‘Gilmore Girls’, it’s like, ‘Who is this dude? I’m going to check out his albums.'”

He continued: “Netflix has given that show a whole new thing. I walk around and I always hear [about] ‘Gilmore Girls’.

“I get noticed for different things in different parts of town,” he added. “If I go to [famous Los Angeles rock club] the Rainbow, it’s SKID ROW. If I go to a mall, it’s ‘Gilmore Girls’. If I walk around in the country of Canada, there is one thing that they like about me and that’s ‘The Trailer Park Boys’. Everywhere I go! I just consider myself lucky that I can do different things.”

Original cast members Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Paterson, Kelly Bishop, Sean Gunn and Keiko Agena have previously been confirmed to be part of the show’s revival.

However, Melissa McCarthy, who played chef Sookie, has said she wasn’t asked to return to the Gilmore Girls reboot.