‘Seinfeld’ soundtrack to be officially released for the first time

The 33-track collection was handpicked by composer Jonathan Wolff

The Seinfeld soundtrack is being officially released, 23 years after the hit show wrapped up its final episode.

Released today (July 2) on all music streaming platforms through WaterTower, the 33-track album will mark the first time the show’s music has been heard outside the context of the series.

Speaking to Variety, the show’s composer Jonathan Wolff said he had to return to the series’ nine seasons in order to assemble the tracks, which includes the iconic slap-bass opening theme. Wolff, a prolific composer for television, also created the themes for Will & Grace and Caroline In The City, among others.


“Was it the primary audio of a famous Seinfeld scene? Did it contribute in a significant way to the comedy of the scene? And upon hearing it, will it serve as an instantly identifiable signature and bring warm fuzzies to a Seinfeld fan who will remember that scene?” Wolff said.

The album will also include music that was meant to be included in the show, but never aired. In an episode where Elaine dates a saxophone player, some scenes that ended up being cut were filmed in a jazz club setting.

“So I needed to create a whole bunch of jazz, but all those scenes went bye-bye,” Wolff explained.

Elsewhere throughout the interview, Wolff explained how he came up with the show’s opening theme and pitched it to Jerry Seinfeld. The idea was to “accompany [Seinfeld] in a way that does not interfere with the audio of [his] standup routine”.

“The bass line was designed to stay in a frequency range that didn’t interfere with his voice. That slap-bass sound could start and stop to make audio holes for the timing of his jokes and his punchlines. It served as a kind of old-vaudeville rimshot for his jokes,” Wolff said.


“It meant I was going to have to rebuild each piece of music for each monologue, to fit the timings and lengths, but that was OK with me. It helped give a signature to the show.”

In related news, Jerry Seinfeld was recently announced to direct and produce Unfrosted, a brand-new Netflix movie about Pop-Tarts. The comedian is also expected to star in it, which he co-wrote with Seinfeld writer Spike Feresten and fellow funnyman Barry Marder.