Seth Rogen is doing a US remake of ‘Plebs’

The ITV2 comedy is based in Ancient Rome and has been compared to 'The Inbetweeners'

Seth Rogen is to remake British TV show Plebs for a US audience.

The ITV2 comedy is based in Ancient Rome and follows grain company workers Marcus Phillipus Valerius Gallo (Tom Rosenthal), Stylax Rufus Eurisces (Joel Fry) and their slave Grumio (Ryan Sampson).

Rogen’s production company Point Grey Pictures has now been confirmed to be developing an American reboot, according to Deadline. The star, along with partner Evan Goldberg, has had success through Point Grey recently with the likes of Sausage Party, The Disaster Artist, and TV series Preacher.


The remake will be co-produced by Rise Films, who produced the original UK programme. There is no confirmation of cast, broadcaster or premiere date at present.

Plebs will return to UK screens for a fourth series this year. Fry will be replaced by Jonathan Pointing in the new episodes, while guest stars will include Robert Lindsay, Tom Davis, and Maureen Lipman.

Last year, Rogen shared some Superbad trivia to mark the cult film’s tenth anniversary. Starring Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Rogen, the film also featured the now-Academy Award winner Emma Stone.

Noting that the amount of time passed since the release of the film would make Superbad character McLovin “35, I think” (a reference to the fake ID he buys), Rogen then revealed a multitude of facts about the film – including Danny McBride’s cameo as an extra, and that every character name in the film was based on “people we went to high school with and lots of the stuff in the movie really happened to us.”