‘Shadow And Bone’ fans threaten to boycott Netflix as fantasy series faces uncertain future

Details of a spin-off show have begun to air, but 'Six of Crows' has not been green-lit

Netflix is facing some backlash from Shadow And Bone fans – with some threatening to boycott the streaming service.

The fantasy drama is now in its second series, and stormed into the top two of the Netflix’s most-watched series last week upon its release. But, despite this good news, fans are concerned that a third series won’t be commissioned.

Many fans took to Twitter imploring others to watch season two to increase figures to make it impossible for Netflix to decline a third season. However, others were ready to make threats of “going feral in the streets” and even threatening to unsubscribe and pirate the streaming service’s shows in protest.


Shadow and Bone season one
‘Shadow and Bone’ fans fear a third season may never happen. CREDIT: ALAMY

The show has already rocketed into the second most-watched spot on Netflix’s Global Top 10 (English) shows. It is currently ranked behind the fourth season of You with 50.4 million hours of views.

Despite this successful start to the second season’s launch, fans have already been flooding Twitter with messages ranging from petitions to threats. One went as far as to tweet: “@netflix y’all better renew Shadow and Bone or I’m unsubscribing and pirating all of your shows [sic].”

Another wrote: “I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence as a fan if i didn’t tell you all to WATCH SHADOW AND BONE ON NETFLIX!!! if we don’t get season 3 im going feral in the streets [sic].”

Others, meanwhile, kept things PG and just implored the streaming giant to make a third season in addition to the rumoured spin-off Crows.


Recently it was revealed that the much-wanted spin-off Six of Crows has a complete set of scripts. Showrunner Eric Heisserer recently told Entertainment Weekly he’d been busy writing the show.

“One of the reasons, not all of them, that I got the privilege of working with Daegan Fryklind as co-showrunner in season 2 is that I was busy with the writers’ room for Six of Crows,” he told the outlet. “We are ready to launch that as its own story.”

Confirming eight episodes were planned for the show, he said: “The eight-episode scripts are phenomenal and I’m really proud of my team for those.” However, it should also be noted at this time Crows is not believed to be “close to getting a greenlight.”

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