Shalom, Jackie! Friday Night Dinner is getting its own clothing line


Channel 4 sitcom Friday Night Dinner is to release an official clothing line, complete with some of the comedy’s most iconic lines.

The new t-shirt range comes courtesy of writer Robert Popper, who has slapped some instantly recognisable t-shirts on the tees.

If you’re so inclined, you can purchase a matching set of ‘I’m with Pusface’ and ‘I’m with Pissface’ t-shirts.


But if you’re a fan of Martin Goodman’s eternal state of confusion, there’s the option to purchase a “shit on it” design instead.

The whole range, which can be found here, also features some lovely homages to weirdo neighbour Jim and his beloved dog Wilson too.

Quite the look..

Describing the new designs, Popper said: “I needed some new t shirts as the moths had got to my old ones, so I thought, ‘Why not just make some?’ So now I have my own range!”

The t-shirts come after the show’s fifth series ended earlier this year – having inspired some unlikely love-ins at UK festivals.


In our round-up of 2018’s Reading & Leeds, we wrote: ‘” festival like Reading and Leeds – where, for one brief weekend, all the teenagers in the UK seem to congregate after GCSEs and A-Levels – is always a good opportunity to discover what’s at the very cutting edge of youth culture at this moment in time.

In previous years, there’s been widespread calls of ‘morning campers!’ and the actually iconic ‘ALAN?! ALAN?!’ Apparently, this year it’s ‘nice one bruvvvva!’ and Friday Night Dinner.”