Shane Meadows is working on a new TV series set in Yorkshire

And you could be in with a chance of starring in it

Shane Meadows is working on a new BBC drama set in Yorkshire.

The This Is England filmmaker will be filming in the North of England, and is currently searching for actors to act in the still untitled project.

Shaheen Baig Casting shared a flyer advertising for people to star in the new project, addressing first-time non-professional actors.


“Shaheen Baig Casting & Element Pictures are searching for confident, charismatic, ambitious and witty people to play roles in an upcoming BBC drama set in the north of England,” the listing reads.

The flyer specifies that no previous acting is necessary, looking for men and women between the ages of 25 and 45.

In a later tweet, the casting agency said the project will also be looking for professional actors.

“We posted a flyer earlier and just want to reiterate that we will be considering both professional and first timers for this project across a large number of roles,” they wrote.

“We respect craft enormously but we also think in some cases everyone should be afforded the opportunity.”


Meanwhile, Shane Meadows said last year that he would be keen to make a This is England TV series set in 2000.

Following the 2006 film taking place in 1983 and the subsequent spin-off series This is England ’86, ‘88, and ’90, Meadows said he’d be keen on looking to make a show taking place over the millennium.

“I don’t know when but I’ve got This Is England ’00 in my head, the millennium one,” Meadows began, “because I sort of thought it would be nice, because when did we shoot the last one? Was it 2015, 2016?”

The deadline to apply to take part in Meadows’ new project is Friday April 9.