Barb from ‘Stranger Things’ got a surprise message from a Starbucks barista on her coffee cup

"Barb deserved better"

Stranger Things star Shannon Purser received a surprise message written on her coffee cup from a Starbucks barista this week.

Purser, whose fan favourite character of Barb was controversially killed off during the first season of the hit Netflix show, was in a Starbucks branch when a barista recognised her and wrote on her coffee cup: “Barb deserved better”.

“Shannon Purser is just quietly sitting in my Starbucks,”  the barista in question later tweeted, “and she’s beautiful and I am so happy and also crying in the back room i think I’m dead”.

Purser took to Twitter to show love to the barista, Gail, for her message.

When one fan said they thought the message read “Bob deserved better”, referring to a character killed in the second season, Purser replied: “Bob DEFINITELY deserved better”.

Stranger Things season 2 arrived on streaming service Netflix in October 2017. Find out everything we know about Stranger Things season 3 here.

Last year, Purser defended her co-star Finn Wolfhard after the actor was criticised online for failing to greet fans outside his hotel.

She wrote: “Okay, no. No actor is under any obligation to stop for anyone. Finn is an incredibly kind human. But he’s human and he needs breaks too.”