‘Sherlock’ creator defends ‘confusing’ new series

Mark Gatiss advises fans who find the show's plots too complicated to "go read a children's book" instead.

Sherlock‘s co-creator Mark Gatiss has defended the show after some viewers accused the latest series of being “confusing” and “difficult to follow”.

Gatiss, who also appears as Mycroft Holmes in the BBC One drama, advised fans who find the show’s plots too complicated to “go read a children’s book” instead.

He told the Daily Star: “People ask if it’s good to challenge the audience. Of course it fucking is. Why would you not want to challenge your audience?”


He added: “I did a phone-in after the Christmas special a few years ago and someone said it was too complicated for people to follow. I said ‘oh, go and pour some warm paste into your mouth’. If you don’t want to be challenged, don’t watch it. It’s a complex and entertaining programme. Go and read a children’s book with hard pages if you don’t want to be challenged. We’re making the show we want to make. We don’t make it a certain way because fans are pressuring us.”


Meanwhile, The Guardian reports that last night’s Sherlock series finale, which featured an unexpected Paul Weller cameo, was watched by the show’s lowest ever overnight audience. The episode attracted 5.9 million viewers on BBC One, slightly lower than the previous episode’s overnight viewing figures of 6.0 million.

Both figures will rise once views on iPlayer are added. The series finale’s viewing figures may also have been affected by the episode leaking online before it aired.

In the run-up to the series finale, a special Twitter Live event was held during the week where fans were invited to solve a new mystery online.

Clues were shared on the BBC One Twitter account using the #SherlockLive hashtag from 8pm on Tuesday night (January 10), allowing viewers to test their own powers of deduction as they tackled the case of “Who killed Daniel Collard?”.