‘Sherlock’ co-creator hints that the show may not return

Mark Gatiss made the admission during a new podcast, with the future of the popular BBC adaptation still very much uncertain

Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss has hinted that the show may never return to the small screen as “it’s a nightmare to schedule.”

Gatiss has previously voiced his concerns for the future of the show, which aired its fourth and possibly last season back in January.

Speaking to the UKTV podcast A Stab In The Dark, Gatiss again expressed his frustrations with being unable to align the schedules of Sherlock‘s two main stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

“It’s not lack of will – it’s a nightmare to schedule,” Gatiss said. “It was very, very hard to schedule the last series, because of Martin  and Benedict’s availability. And Steve [Moffat, co-creator]’s and mine.

“There is always that Fawlty Towers principle of, ‘Let’s just leave it,'” he continued about Sherlock‘s future. “We’ve had the keys to Baker Street for a while, but one of the wonderful things is that they’re always shared. They were shared while we were making it.

“There’s nothing wrong with saying, ‘That was our version, somebody out there go and do their version.'”

The Gatiss-featuring episode of A Stab In The Dark will go live on Wednesday (July 5). Listen to the extract in question below.

Meanwhile, Gatiss will link up again with Moffat – and Sherlock producer Sue Vertue – for a new BBC adaptation of Dracula, which is expected to run in a similar miniseries format as Sherlock with feature-length episodes.