New Zealand’s quote of the year 2017: ‘Please tell me that is not your penis’

The line “please tell me that is not your penis” from a viral clip of the soap opera Shortland Street has been named as New Zealand’s ‘quote of the year’.

The line was spoken by character Chris Warner after he discovered a nude photo his son on the family iPad. The clip soon went viral online, and was even parodied by Jimmy Kimmel and Alec Baldwin on US TV.

Now in an annual study and competition by Massey University, the quote was named as New Zealand’s favourite of the year – with a huge 18% of the vote.

“The quote is highly entertaining,” competition organiser Heather Kavan told the BBC. “The suspense is laughably theatrical, rather than anxiety-inducing, and therefore many people enjoy hearing it again,” she said.

“And, of course, Chris Warner’s [played by Michael Galvin] delivery is part of the magic, along with Harry Warner’s uncomfortable facial expression and the closing music.”

She added: “The quote dramatises the risk of storing photos of one’s private parts. That’s immensely topical. Even whistle-blower Edward Snowden and US comedian John Oliver have chatted about the security of so called ‘dick pics’.”

The episode originally aired back in February, with the clip since amassing hundreds of thousands of views online and inspiring countless memes.