‘The Simpsons’ animator shares behind-the-scenes sketches

David Silverman has shared a bunch of early ideas from a 1995 Simpsons writers' retreat

Fans of The Simpsonsrejoice – animator David Silverman has shared a bunch of behind-the-scenes sketches, dating back to 1995.

The sketches are taken from a writers’ retreat, and show the process behind the iconic cartoon sitcom. Amongst the sketches are the very first illustrations of bit-part character (and fan favourite) Frank Grimes, the initial ideas board for ‘The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase’, and some early sketches for ‘Lisa The Simpson’.

Check out the illustrations below.

Last month, a writer from The Simpsons shared the entire original draft of the legendary ‘Steamed Hams’ scene.

The clip is a favourite among fans of the animated series, with the vignette featuring in the 1996 episode ’22 Short Films About Springfield’ and telling the tale of Principal Skinner inviting Super Intendant Chalmers around for ‘unforgettable luncheon’.

His roast is ruined, before he decides to purchase fast food from Krusty Burger and try to pass it off as his own. His house then catches fire before convincing Chalmers that the flames are in fact Aurora Borealis.