The Simpsons pays emotional tribute to Professor Stephen Hawking


The Simpsons has dedicated the latest episode of the iconic show to Professor Stephen Hawking, after the pioneering physicist’s death was announced last week.

As last night’s episode drew to a close, Hawking was honoured with an In Memoriam slide which showed him ascending into the sky on a jet-powered wheelchair while Lisa Simpson sits on his lap.

“In loving memory of Stephen Hawking”, the caption read.


The episode also harboured extra significance as it was the final addition of The Simpsons penned by long time writer and producer Kevin Curran who died from cancer in October 2016.

Hawking made several appearances on The Simpsons, with one of the most notable coming in the form of They Saved Lisa’s Brain, where Professor Hawking shows up to rescue Springfield’s high IQ individuals from a baying mob.

During the appearance, he reveals that he has helicopter blades concealed in his wheelchair, before eventually sharing a beer with Homer – who refers to him as “Lisa’s robot buddy”.

Describing Hawking’s involvement with the show, Simpsons writer Matt Selman said: “His true legacy of meaning and understanding is a little bit coloured by having been in Simpsons colours.

“I’m immensely proud, he’s a beautiful man and to share in anyway his legacy and to have propagated it is tremendously satisfying.”