Here’s the original draft of The Simpsons’ legendary ‘Steamed Hams’ scene

We hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon

A writer from The Simpsons has shared the entire original draft of the legendary ‘Steamed Hams’ scene.

The clip is a favourite among fans of the animated series, with the vignette featuring in the 1996 episode ’22 Short Films About Springfield’ and telling the tale of Principal Skinner inviting Super Intendant Chalmers around for ‘unforgettable luncheon’.

His roast is ruined, before he decides to purchase fast food from Krusty Burger and try to pass it off as his own. His house then catches fire before convincing Chalmers that the flames are in fact Aurora Borealis.


Watch the original scene below.

Now Bill Oakley, who wrote the scene, has shared the original draft on Twitter:

Meanwhile, the first teaser of Ed Sheeran’s upcoming cameo in The Simpsons appeared online today. Sheeran is seen taking up the role of Brendan, a love interest for Lisa Simpson.


The new episode ‘Haw-Haw Land’ will form part of the upcoming 29th series of The Simpsons, and will be premiered this weekend on Sunday January 7, 2018.

Meanwhile, a new online calculator has been unveiled to determine how much of your life you’ve spent watching your favourite TV shows.

It shows that to have watched every single episode of The Simpsons would have taken 229 hours  – or 9.5 whole days.