‘Skins’ cast promise to recapture the spirit of its early series in new episodes

Cast tell NME that series six will be the most 'intense' series yet

The cast of Skins have said that the new series of the show has captured the spirit of the show’s early series.

Speaking to NME in a video which you can see by scrolling up to the top of your screen and clicking, Will Merrick, who plays Alo’ in the show, reveals that he believes viewers who have watched the show since it began will see a lot of similarities between the new offerings and the first two series.

He said: “It’s back to the first two series. When I’ve watched it, I’ve thought ‘Wow that’s like watching series two or that’s like a scene from series one.”

Sean Teale, who plays Nick, also said that he believed the show’s writer no longer felt the need to “break taboos” with the show’s storylines anymore, but promised that the new series would be “more intense”.

Asked if the show’s writer feels they have to create “shocking” storylines, Teale replied: “In regards to the writing of it and whether the writers feel they have to, they don’t. I don’t think they write entirely to break every taboo, not now anyway. Last year was quite tame I thought.”

He continued: “I think this year will be a lot more intense and there are certainly some scenes this year that are going to push boundaries. A couple of episodes are going to really push it out there.”

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