‘Skins’ star hopes for positive message from show

Dakota Blue Richards praises 'real' issues in teen drama

Skins star Dakota Blue Richards has said that she hopes the show has a positive message for viewers.

The actress played Franky in the fifth and sixth series of E4’s hit teen drama, bowing out in last night’s (March 26) series finale.

Now she has told the Evening Standard of the show’s impact: “The issues are very powerful and dark, yet real.

“I hope the message it sends out is that no matter what happens, if you stay in control of yourself, and look to the people who are looking out for your best interests, rather than the people trying to manipulate you, you can get through anything.”

Richards’ character was this year involved in harder hitting storylines than in her first series, including the death of friend Grace and her involvement in a violent relationship. She said of the changes: “I was quite lucky last year, because I didn’t really have to do anything too explicit. There weren’t too many drugs – and no sex. Whereas this year there’s a lot more. A lot.”

Skins will bow out next year with a three films, split into six episodes, that will revisit characters from the show’s past.

Watch our interview with the third generation cast of Skins below.