‘Smallville’ actor John Glover to play mystery role in ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ season 6

"Bringing my own wardrobe and beard"

Smallville actor John Glover is set to join season six of Fear The Walking Dead in a mystery role.

The show aired its midseason finale last Monday (November 23), and will return for more episodes early in 2021.

After the midseason finale, the show’s network AMC revealed a first look at the remaining nine episodes of the season.
In the trailer, Glover appears opposite Alicia Clarke. “Death. Destruction. Decay. It’s inevitable,” he says in a voiceover. “But from this death comes new life.”
“And you are Alicia,” he continues. “Oh, I’ve been looking for someone like you for a long, long time.”


Watch the new trailer below.

Glover then confirmed his appearance on the show, tweeting: “Bringing my own wardrobe and beard to [‘Fear The Walking Dead’].”

Episodes of season six of Fear The Walking Dead have become the show’s highest-rated among fans, according to IMDb.

Episode one, The End is the Beginning, is currently the top-scoring episode of the entire show on the site, holding an 8.9 score, and is followed by third episode Alaska at 8.6. Episode two, Welcome to the Club, follows with 8.5. It comes after season five of the show received heavy criticism from both fans and critics.


Read NME‘s recent recap of the midseason finale of Fear The Walking Dead here. In a two-star review of season six of the show, NME wrote: “Without a central focus, Fear The Walking Dead feels like it’s searching for a sense of purpose post-Madison. The success of this season hinges on how well these separate narratives are eventually weaved together, but there’s little here to inspire confidence.”