‘Snowpiercer’ renewed for fourth season as Season Three wraps production

"We’re excited to keep the train running"

Snowpiercer has been renewed for a fourth season by TNT.

Previous renewals of the postapocalyptic sci-fi drama have come ahead of the premiere of the prior season; news of season four marks the earliest renewal, which comes as production on season three wraps up.

Snowpiercer has been an incredibly successful series for us that continues to capture the imagination of viewers, grow audience and maintain strong ratings,” said Sam Linsky and Adrienne O’Riain, co-heads of scripted original programming for TBS, TNT and truTV.


“All of our seasons embark on an emotional, unexpected ride and the well-plotted storylines will continue to evolve and remain relevant to audiences. We’re excited to keep the train running into Season Four.”

Daveed Diggs, who plays Andre Layton in the show, made the renewal announcement on set of the show at the tail end of production – see it below.

Produced by Tomorrow Studios, Snowpiercer Seasons One and Two are available to watch on Netflix; Season Three is set to premiere early next year.

Season Three of Snowpiercer will pick up with Layton and his inner circle commanding a small pirate train in search of Melanie and a possible warm location to restart civilisation, aided by a newfound survivor.

Back on the Snowpiercer, Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean) is consolidating power, foiled only by secret allies of Layton’s hidden on the train, committed to the cause.


In a three-star review of Snowpiercer Season Two, NME‘s Beth Webb said “its consistent unpredictability and absorbing lead performers are just enough to sustain the appeal of the show’s first season.

“In casting Bean, however, it has scored its biggest win. More than a seasoned villain at this stage in his career, the actor’s effortless, lip-curling depiction of malevolence makes him both chilling and wildly good fun to watch. It’s the slightly camp, invigorating injection that the show needs if it’s going to make it to its third season intact. Thought it’s not Bean’s style to make it through a project without his character meeting a fantastically violent end, here’s hoping that this is one of the rare instances that he gets to make it out alive.”