Sophie Turner drops hints about Sansa’s fate in ‘Game Of Thrones’ season six

Actress says that upcoming series is filled with "death, death, death"

Game Of Thrones actress Sophie Turner has hinted that her character Sansa Stark will make it through the sixth season without being killed off.

Turner, who will also appear in X-Men: Apocalypse later this year, was on the red carpet at last night’s Oscars ceremony when she let slip of the spoiler.

Speaking to E! News, Turner talked about reading the scripts for the eagerly anticipated series and seeing “death, death, death” everywhere. However, she was relieved to discover she was “good for this season”.


This is the latest storyline hint to come direct from a cast member of Game Of Thrones after Emilia Clarke may have revealed the fate of character Jon Snow at the Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica this weekend.

Season six of Game Of Thrones begins on April 24, airing at the same time in the UK and US as Sky Atlantic “simulcasts” the show for British viewers. Fans will be able to watch the season premiere at 2am on Monday, April 25 (9PM on April 24 in the US) with a repeat in the UK at 9pm on Monday, April 25.

The first trailer for season six was revealed last year. The trailer followed a teaser poster which showed the blood-stained face of Kit Harington’s character Jon Snow, who was apparently left after bleeding to death at the end of season five.

New cast members for season six include veteran actor Max von Sydow, who has been cast as the Three-eyed Raven, and Withnail And I‘s Richard E. Grant, who will play the manager of a visiting theatre troupe. Meanwhile, Golden Globe-winning actor Ian McShane has also joined the cast in a currently unknown role.

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