‘South Park’ creators speak about “headfuck” of satirising 2016 Presidential Election

The long-running cartoon returns in the US for its 21st season on September 13

The creators of South Park have spoken about the “headfuck” of satirising the 2016 US Presidential Election during the show’s last season.

The 20th season of the acclaimed cartoon series parodied the race for The White House between now-President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, with South Park character Mr. Garrison turning into Trump as the season progressed.

Trey Parker has now described making that season as a “headfuck” as the show attempted to keep up with the frenetic real-life events it lampooned.


“Last year was such a headfuck, and we were so happy when it was done,” Parker told The Hollywood Reporter. “And we just wanted to go back to the kids, which we still do. But it’s also like, you can’t avoid [Garrison as Trump]. So, we are not actively putting it in, but we are not actively leaving it out. It’s the world we live in.”

Parker was speaking along with fellow South Park creator Matt Stone ahead of the show’s forthcoming 21st season, which premieres in the US on September 13. Stone confirmed that the new season won’t adopt the same narrative thread as last year as “it was just really hard” to produce on a weekly basis.


“In some ways it was cool and in some ways it trapped us,” he said. “The way we do that show is not compatible with full serialisation. We’re going to do the first show [this season] and maybe don’t have to sitcom wrap it up at the end.

“The first 18 seasons of the show, we spent so much time thinking how do we get this back to resolution” he continued. “And no TV shows do that anymore. You’re so used to watching shows now where it doesn’t end at the end, it teases the next one.”