‘South Park’ creators: ‘We made fun of Pokémon Go in 1999’

A season three episode 'Chinpokomon' seemingly predicted one of the app's key characteristics

The creators of South Park have claimed they foresaw the existence of Pokémon Go in a 1999 episode of their cult animated sitcom.

The season three episode Chinpokomon was a parody of the Japanese video game franchise which spookily predicted one of the key characteristics of the massively popular app, which only launched this month (July). Watch a clip from the classic South Park episode below.

“Everyone’s talking about Pokémon Go,” co-creator Trey Parker explained during an interview with Vulture. “And it’s like, we did Pokémon in literally 1999 and the whole idea was that it was a bummer because kids were getting into Pokémon and there was a computer chip in there that was tracking them and sending all the information to Japan. We made fun of Pokémon Go in 1999!”

South Park is due to return on September 14 for its 20th season on Comedy Central. Watch a trailer for the upcoming season below.

Last year (2015) Comedy Central renewed South Park until 2019, meaning the cult sitcom will run for at least 23 seasons and over 300 episodes. Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s show is now the third longest-running animated series of all time behind The Simpsons and Arthur.