‘South Park’ fans discover brutal Kate Middleton reference in Harry and Meghan episode

There are some jokes hiding in the magazine covers

South Park fans have spotted a reference to Kate Middleton in the show’s parody episode of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

In the episode titled Worldwide Privacy Tour, the Prince and Princess of Canada (modelled after Harry and Meghan) conduct TV interviews and set off firework displays in a demand for privacy.

In one sequence, the couple plaster Kyle’s house with magazine covers and watch his reaction from afar. Among them is a Vogue cover inspired by a photoshoot featuring Kate from 2016 for the brand’s 100th issue, which instead features the parody of Meghan in the same attire.


Throughout Harry and Meghan’s relationship, tabloids have accused the latter of copying Kate’s style – with this nod appearing to be another dig at the Duchess Of Sussex.

“LMAO even in South Park Meghan copies Catherine,” a Twitter user wrote.

Elsewhere in the episode the couple appear on Good Morning Canada to promote their book titled Waaagh, a reference to the release of Harry’s book Spare. “We just want to be normal people, all this attention is so hard,” the Princess of Canada remarks.

After the episode released last week (February 15), Harry and Meghan denied rumours that they were planning to sue the show over the depiction. “It’s all frankly nonsense,” a spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess said. “Totally baseless, boring reports.”


South Park was renewed for season 30 on Comedy Central in 2021. The deal also included an order for 14 original films based on the show for Paramount+.

All episodes of South Park are available to stream on Paramount+, while new episodes debut in the UK on Thursdays on Comedy Central at 10pm.

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