‘South Park’ tease next month’s season 26 premiere

It's not looking great for Butters

A teaser trailer for the forthcoming 26th series of South Park has been shared on social media, ahead of the season premiere next month.

The show’s previous season, which ran between February and March 2022, was followed later that year by a two-part special, The Streaming Wars. The specials saw the residents of South Park tussle over elevated land to make money streaming water to others in the town as they faced a drought – combining themes of climate change with the battle between streaming services like Netflix and Disney+.

The new 15-second teaser clip for season 26 starts with peaceful shots of cows grazing and a view over the town, before segueing to find Butters in a compromising situation. The clip also includes the caption ‘THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HERE’ and confirms the return date of February 2023. Watch the clip below.


Last month (December 20), it was revealed that South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have secured a $20 million investment for their AI entertainment startup Deep Voodoo, which was previously funded entirely by Parker and Stone’s independent entertainment company, Park County (per Variety).

Stone and Parker plan to use the new funding to “accelerate Deep Voodoo’s development of its leading deepfake technology, cost-effective visual effects services and original synthetic media projects,” according to the announcement. It was previously reported in August that the duo’s Donald Trump deep fake movie was on hold.

“We stumbled upon this amazing technology and ended up recruiting the best deepfake artists in the world,” Stone said in a statement. “We are psyched to share their brilliance with the Hollywood creative community.”

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