‘Spitting Image’ to tour the West End in 2022

The show will reportedly include a huge carnival head of Boris Johnson

Spitting Image will be taking to the West End in 2022 as a live production of the popular satirical sketch show.

“The last month has shown Spitting Image has been far too kind to Boris and his pals on TV recently,” the show’s co-creator Roger Law said in a statement.

“So to deliver the kind of sharp satire and laughter they deserve Spitting Image have decided to make a live production.”


Whereas Law couldn’t reveal too much about the show’s plot, he has promised “a spectacular show-stopping ending, a huge carnival head of Boris that fills the stage will open its mouth and spew a snowstorm of paper lies all over the theatre.

“The lies printed on small pieces of paper will flutter down onto the audience who will be able to pick up their favourite Boris untruths and take them home as mementoes. Videndum spectaculum!”

A premiere date for Spitting Image Live is yet to be confirmed.

A second season of the Spitting Image reboot was released in September. Series one of the show proved a hit for the relatively new streaming platform BritBox UK, and garnered a record number of subscribers. The show originally ran for 18 series’ between 1984 and 1996, attracting 15million viewers at its peak.


Last year, it was revealed that an explicit sketch from the upcoming new series of Spitting Image, involving Johnson, Trump and Putin, was forced to be reshot due to excessively graphic content.

A report stated that one sketch saw Johnson, Trump and Putin wrestling naked in a sauna, engaging in a “sword fight”. A source added that the show had “given Boris and Trump tiny latex penises as well,” describing Putin’s as “monstrous”.