‘Spongebob Squarepants’ fans weren’t happy with the show’s brief Super Bowl cameo

"All we wanted was Spongebob."

Fans of Spongebob Squarepants have expressed their disappointment after the show made an extremely brief cameo during last night’s Super Bowl.

Last month, more than one million fans signed a petition for the show’s Sweet Victory to be played in honour of late creator Stephen Hillenburg.

The track, titled ‘Sweet Victory’, became a firm favourite after featuring in the now iconic ‘Band Geeks’ episode, which sees Squidward attempting to one-up his rival Squilliam by conducting a marching band that features the likes of Spongebob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs.


But as Maroon 5’s performance got underway, it finally looked like they might have achieved the wish. A brief clip featured the song, although it ultimately proved to only last for a few seconds and ultimately acted as an introduction to Travis Scott.

Responding on Twitter, one fan wrote: “ was a failure all we wanted was SpongeBob and they couldn’t do that right.”

Another said: “The spongebob cameo in the halftime show was a joke ugh.”



But despite the negative reaction from fans, there was no complaints from the actual team behind Spongebob.

“So honored and humbled! Thankful for being included and for all our fellow sea creatures,” wrote Spongebob on Twitter.

In a damning review, NME described the Halftime show as “surprise free, trite and soulless.”

“For all his talk of the music being “the spectacle” and “speaking through the music”, their performance doesn’t say much at all. It’s awkward and lacklustre, completely lacking the soul you’d expect from someone who’d talked it up as the most excited they’d ever been,” our verdict stated.