‘Squid Game’ could generate nearly US$900million in value for Netflix

At least 132million Netflix subscribers have watched two minutes of 'Squid Game'

Squid Game is likely to be a huge financial success for Netflix, according to internal projections.

Over the weekend, Bloomberg reported that it had obtained internal Netflix figures and documents regarding Squid Game‘s performance. The show has allegedly generated US$891.1million in “impact value” for the company, which is a metric Netflix uses to measure a title’s performance.

According to the document thats, the show only cost Netflix US$21.4million to produce, averaging US$2.4million per episode. Meanwhile, the South Korean survival drama has since become the platform’s most-watched series launch ever, topping the streaming service’s TV charts in 94 countries.


‘Squid Game’ is reportedly set to earn Netflix almost US$900 million in value
‘Squid Game’-inspired toys on display in a shop in China. Credit: Andrea Verdelli/Getty Images.

While Netflix had announced previously publicly that 111million of its users had seen at least two minutes of Squid Game in the show’s first 28, the documents reveal that the figure has since increased to 132million.

The documents also reveal that an estimated 89 per cent of those viewers watched at least 75 minutes (one episode averages 55 minutes) and 66 per cent of them finished the entire series within 23 days of its premiere on the platform.

The show’s worldwide popularity has even sparked a sketch on Saturday Night Live recently, starring cast member Pete Davidson and guest host Rami Malek.

Meanwhile, it was reported that a local council in England urged parents to ban their children from watching the series. An email sent to parents advised them that “children should not watch Squid Game”, informing them that the show is “quite graphic with a lot of violent content.”