‘Squid Game’’s Heo Sung-tae says he learned how to act by watching comedy shows

He had started his acting career at the age of 34

Squid Game star Heo Sung-tae recently discussed his journey to becoming an actor.

During his recent appearance on South Korean documentary-style talk show Omniscient Interfering View, the 44-year-old actor opened up about his mid-thirties career switch, and how he learned to act.

Heo, who recently gained international recognition for his portrayal of Jang Deok-su in Netflix’s hit series Squid Game, only began acting at the age of 34. “I used to copy what I saw in movies or what I saw in KBS2’s Gag Concert, or other comedy shows in the bathroom,” he shared per Allkpop‘s translation. He also revealed that he had never received any formal training in acting.


The actor had majored in Russian language and literature at Busan University, before spending most of his adult life as a corporate worker. Just before he began his acting career, Heo had been an employee at a shipbuilding company.

He went on to explain that he was able to debut as an actor after participating in SBS’s audition programme Miracle Audition. “I became an actor because the judges complimented me. If even one judge said I wasn’t good then I wouldn’t have become an actor,” said Heo.

In other Squid Game news, Indian actor Anupam Tripathi, who had also gained significant international popularity through the series, previously talked about the importance of his character being one of the first migrant worker characters that play a major role in a Korean drama.

Tripathi shared that he had studied texts about migrant workers and labour issues around the world to prepare for the role. “I looked back on how I acted in similar roles in the past and thought about what I could do to express the character of Ali in the least cliché manner possible,” said the actor.

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