‘Star Trek”s Zoe Saldana for ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ TV miniseries

NBC are planning television retelling of Ira Levin’s novel

Star Trek Into Darkness actress Zoe Saldana has signed on to take the leading role in the new TV miniseries of Rosemary’s Baby.

It was revealed last year that US network NBC were planning a four-hour long series based on the cult 1967 novel by Ira Levin, which was made into a film in 1968 by director Roman Polanski. As Empire reports, Saldana has now been confirmed to star in the project and will play the role of a young wife who moves to Paris with her husband and, when she falls pregnant, begins to fear her new neighbours have evil plans for her child.

NBC’s Quinn Taylor said: “Zoe has proven that she is one of our most gifted actresses and we think she has the perfect combination of spirit and gravitas to take on the title role from Ira Levin’s infamous novel. With Zoe leading the cast under the direction of Agnieszka Holland, this reimagined event mini-series is off to a great start.”

The original book and film were set in Manhattan. The Mia Farrow-starring film version was shot in and around the The Dakota building near Central Park, which later was to be the home of The Beatles’ John Lennon and also the site of his murder in 1980.