Star Wars legends for ‘Big Bang Theory’ guest roles

James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher are set to appear on the popular US sitcom

Original Star Wars cast members James Earl Jones – who played the voice of Darth Vader – and Carrie Fisher – who played Princess Leia – are set to appear on a forthcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory.

The shows executive producers Bill Prady and Steve Molaro revealed news of the cameos to TV Line at the weekend’s Golden Globes ceremony in Los Angeles. TV Guide added that the Star Wars actors’ cameos will take place as the sitcom’s main characters fail to get passes for Comic-Con.

Molaro explained: “For the first time, Sheldon [Jim Parsons] and the guys are locked out of Comic-Con tickets and they don’t get in. Leonard [Johnny Galecki], Wolowitz [Simon Helberg] and Koothrappali [Kunal Nayyar] are going to get scalped passes. Sheldon’s solution is he is going to start his own comic book convention, he just needs one great panelist to make it happen. He realizes, through Twitter, where James Earl Jones is having sushi in Studio City and is going to confront him personally.” Of Carrie Fisher, he added: “She’s got a very small, very funny, very weird part.”

The hit US sitcom follows the lives of a group of socially awkward university scientists and airs in the UK on E4. Previous celebrity cameos have included Stephen Hawking, Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Wil Wheaton, Battlestar Galactica‘s Katee Sackhoff and Dollhouse star Summer Glau.