‘The Mandalorian’ fans spot major mistake in latest episode

Star Wars series suffers unfortunate production error

The Mandalorian‘s latest episode seems to have suffered a rather unfortunate production error.

The Star Wars Disney+ series is currently four episodes in and has been the talk of fans due in part to its viral Baby Yoda character.

However, viewers seemed to have noticed something entirely different in the latest offering.


In one scene in episode four, Pedro Pascal’s titular character converses with Omera (Julia Jones), though at the top of one shot a boom mic is seen briefly creeping into view and moving around.

One fan quickly noticed the mistake, which you can see below:

Many more picked-up on the error:


Meanwhile, in the wake of the internet love towards Baby Yoda, it has emerged that star Werner Herzog called out the show’s crew for almost replacing the puppet with CGI.

When the prospect was brought-up on set, Herzog was reported to have said: “You are cowards. Leave it.”

The star also explained how the puppet operates, revealing: “One was for the eyes and the mouth and the other one was for other facial expressions. It’s a phenomenal technological achievement but, beyond the technological achievement, it’s heartbreaking.”

It was recently confirmed that The Mandalorian‘s second season has started filming, with creator Jon Favreau revealing the news on Instagram.

“Greetings from the set of The Mandalorian Season 2,” he wrote in a post last month.

In other Star Wars news, Disney has granted a dying fan’s wish to see The Rise of Skywalker ahead of the movie’s official release later this month.