‘Stath Lets Flats’ series three to air later this year

"Yalla LETS go"

Stath Lets Flats is returning to Channel 4 for series three later this year.

Producer Ash Atalla confirmed the good news on Twitter yesterday (June 7) writing: “It’s STATH LETS FLATS s3 coming later this year. All the flats all the jokes all the time. Yalla LETS go.”

The hit comedy stars Jamie Demetriou, who also created the show, as Stath, a hapless letting agent who works at his father’s company in London.


Stath Lets Flats
Stath Lets Flats (Picture: Channel 4)

Demetriou confirmed the show had been renewed for a third series last October, writing on social media: “Stath Lets Flats got a series 3. Thank you very @Channel4. Al is delighted, bless you.”

He added of the show’s return: “This is lovely. I love Channel 4. Thanks so much for having us back for a series 3. Sorry the title is still hard to say. Love Jamie Demetriou from Stalph Les Flav”.

In character as Stath, he went on: “Thank you so truly for this energetically and development news. I never seen something on Channel For (4) in my life, but someone told me they done a programme about people being embarrassed about their body.

“Which is a shame. I’m proud of my body, even though my eyebrow is a bit too wide and I’m panickin’ it’s joinin’ to my head hair.”


There’s no specific air date for series 3 of Stath Lets Flats yet – stay tuned for updates as they come in.