Steve Buscemi spotted out on Halloween dressed as “How do you do, fellow kids?” meme

His ‘30 Rock’ gag has become a longstanding meme

Steve Buscemi celebrated Halloween over the weekend by dressing up as one of his own characters, referencing a meme that took the Internet by storm after he appeared on a 2012 episode of 30 Rock.

The episode in question, ‘The Tuxedo Begins’ (episode eight of season three), has a 55-year-old Buscemi play a private detective trying (and failing) to disguise himself as a high schooler. Wielding a skateboard and clad in a dorky red cap and shirt brandished “Music Band” in the classic AC/DC font, he approaches a group of students and delivers the iconic line: “How do you do, fellow kids?”


The gag has since gone on to become a longstanding meme, often used as a reaction image “to respond to users pretending to be part of a community that they are clearly unfamiliar with” (per Know Your Meme).

Almost a decade after it first made waves, Buscemi has now honoured the meme by once more dressing up as his delightfully out-of-touch character, handing out sweets to trick-or-treaters outside his Park Slope, Brooklyn home. He spent the night with neighbour Elvis Costello, both of whom were happy to pose for photos with fans.

Take a look at some of those photos below:



Buscemi appeared as private investigator Lenny Wosniak in six episodes of 30 Rock, aired between 2007 and 2013. His most recent TV role was a cameo in the Rick And Morty episode ‘A Rickconvenient Mort’, which aired back in July. In the way of film, his recent efforts include Hubie Halloween and The King Of Staten Island, both released last year.

His next role on the cards is Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, for which he’ll voice a werewolf named Wayne. That movie is set to hit screens on January 14, 2022 as an Amazon Prime exclusive.

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