Steve Carell is reuniting with ‘The Office US’ creator for a comedy based on Trump’s Space Force

Coming soon to Netflix

Steve Carell is set to reunite with The Office US creator Greg Daniels for a new comedy on Netflix, which will focus on President Trump’s proposed Space Force. Check out the teaser below.

With the real-life military branch yet to be greenlit for the 2020 US budget, it has been announced that it will be the subject of a new ‘workplace comedy’. Titled Space Force, the show will star Steve Carell – who is reportedly set to earn $1 million (£776 million) per episode. The actor is also credited as co-creator.

The new teaser, released today (January 16), features the mission statement: “The goal of the new branch is to ‘defend satellites from attack’ and ‘perform other space-related tasks’…or something. This is the story of the men and women who have to figure it out.”

While no concrete release date has been confirmed, the clip promises that the show is “coming soon” to Netflix. However, with Trump only announcing his plans for a sixth military branch in June last year, it’s likely we’ll have a bit of a wait until it hits our screens.

The Hollywood Reporter also claims that the number of episodes is still undecided as scripts haven’t been written yet.

Meanwhile, Steve Carell recently weighed in on the rumours of a potential reboot for The Office.

“I’ll tell you, no,” Carell said when asked about a revival. “I feel like I’m a broken record, talking about this because I get asked about it. The show is way more popular now than when it was on the air.

“I just can’t see it being the same thing, and I think most folks would want it to be the same thing, but it wouldn’t be. Ultimately, I think it’s maybe best to leave well enough alone and just let it exist as what it was.”