Steve Coogan to explore #MeToo era in new Channel 4 comedy drama

Series aims to "skewer and satirise the complex state of contemporary sexual politics"

Steve Coogan is set to star in a new Channel 4 comedy drama series that will explore the #MeToo era.

Chivalry will see the Alan Partridge actor star as a successful film producer and ‘ladies man’ called Cameron who has to reshoot a sexist film in order to save his career.

Sarah Solemani (Him & Her) co-stars as a liberal director called Bobby, who must work with Cameron and help save his movie in order to get funding for her own feminist biblical epic.


Sarah Solemani. CREDIT: Getty/Tibrina Hobson

The pair then form an unlikely partnership as they try and detoxify their ‘gender tensions’ and grow to realise they are pawns in the studio’s agenda.

Channel 4 said the series “skewers and satirises the complex state of contemporary sexual politics”.

The synopsis adds that the six-part series will question “how fluid are our politics and how political are our fluids? And can romance blossom – not in spite of #MeToo, but because of it?”

“I am delighted to be working with the very funny, clever Sarah Solemani in the landscape of what in less enlightened times was called ‘the battle of the sexes’,” Coogan said.


Chivalry is more of a painfully honest, funny fencing match. We will attack, riposte, lunge, parry and counter-parry and perhaps, when the bout is over, take off our masks revealing our true selves.”

Solemani added: “Chivalry was born through a series of fiery debates with my comedy hero and renowned feminist, Steve Coogan. I am thrilled to be working with him, Christine Langan and Channel 4 commissioner, Caroline Hollick, on bringing this timely story to the screen.”