Steve Coogan teases return of ‘The Day Today’

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Steve Coogan has teased that The Day Today could return as a podcast, some 25 years after the hugely influential satire first debuted.

The spoof news show debuted in 1994 and saw Coogan making his debut as Alan Partridge, alongside an ensemble cast that included the likes of Chris Morris, Patrick Marber, Rebecca Front, Doon Mackichan and David Schneider.

Last week saw the gang meeting up for the first time in 15 years to mark the show’s quarter-century anniversary, and Coogan says that a potential reunion was among the topics of conversation.

“Yeah, we said we should do something,” Coogan told The Guardian. “Everyone has gone off and done their own thing. But 25 years is quite long enough to prove that you can do something else. So we may do a podcast or something … I don’t know.”

However, a return would only be on the cards if the team are sure that it won’t rely on nostalgia.

“There’s no point doing anything that is just based on nostalgia,” Coogan explained.

“Because what we did was very edgy and challenging. You either do something equally relevant or don’t bother.”

It comes as Coogan prepares to return to our screens in This Time With Alan Partridge.

The show sees Partridge making an unlikely return to the BBC as the stand-in host of This Time, an evening weekday magazine show. The first trailer debuted earlier this month – and confirms our fears that it won’t be a smooth ride back to the big time.